Rain Forest View Villas & travels - Deniyaya, Sri Lanka

Rain Forest View villas, established since 2010, is located opposite the main Pitadeniya entrance to the Sinharaja Rain Forest.

It is 92 Km from Galle.

Rain Forest View Villa is a nature loving eco friendly forest resort offering double bed room (wooden room) with attached bathroom in view by the forest. Guests can relax on the terrace with a view to Sinharaja Rain Forest, thereby the name.

The cabana type rooms come with large double bed, attached bathroom, mini bar, tea/coffee maker and hot /cold water.

The restaurant can cater to max 24 at any given time, however if for larger groups the space is available and can be undertaken. It is an open restaurant with a view to the forest. It is the only restaurant that serves eastern and western cuisine and children foods as well.

On the trail we do have leach socks that can be purchased at the premises.


Due to the many request and inquiries we have had from our guests. We have extended the service of travels and arrangement of pickups to our customers. For any on who may require assistance in organizing a tour please be free to contact us with details through our contact form. Or call us on the telephone numbers given .